High Quality and High-Strength CBD products. Dustoff 06 is a Veteran owned and operated business. We have products designed for all users including your favorite four legged friends! 

A portion of each CBD sale online goes to support Veterans First Initiative.

STOP Suffering in silence


High Quality

With little to no regulation in the rapidly growing CBD market, most CBD products are created with quantity and cost in mind. This is not the formula for the most effective product for the end consumer - not to mention you may not know what is in these other products. Zo CBD is different; they have the end consumer in mind! From growing to bottling, Zo CBD products are designed with a focus on science and quality.  



Another important consideration is why you’re taking CBD exactly. What CBD oil benefits you are looking for plays a role in what product you choose to use. That can vary depending on what’s going on in your life. It’s good to keep a daily CBD wellness regimen to give you a baseline, but you might also use different products in times of physical or mental stress. Our products are designed to be used daily or bi-daily to maximize effectiveness. Additionally, due to the strength of our product, a bottle of our high-strength hemp oil will last longer and be more effective than a product with 300mg.


Our CBD oil products come in two different strengths. 1500mg and 3000mg. 3000mg is the higher strength version and is available for those with more cumbersome issues such as difficulty maintaining a healthy sleep pattern or more prone to stress responses. 1500mg is recommended for less cumbersome or frequent issues. 


Struggle to fall to sleep? Adding CBD to your sleep routine may be the aid you've been seeking

Relief & Recovery

Our rubs and oils may help promote recovery from pain, stiffness, and soreness in your muscles


Put stress to rest by forming healthy CBD routines that may aid in your stress relief

How Can Zo CBD Products Help You?


A portion of each CBD sale online goes to support Veterans First Initiative.