Our Mission

As a combat veteran I understand what it is like to stare at the ceiling all night, feeling mentally exhausted knowing that each day seems harder than the last.  I’ve tried the pills, I’ve tried alcohol, and I've found nothing worked for me.  I know there are many veterans that are “Suffering in Silence”, with problems like sleep deprivation, anxiety, and a wide range of PTSD.  Stemming from situations that only we can understand.  I truly believe that sleep deprivation is murderous and too many of my fellow veterans are hurting themselves.  As the CEO of Dustoff 06, LLC, My sole focus is to help veterans. 


STOP Suffering in Silence! 



Our product contains 3000mg of Full Spectrum Hemp extract, which contains beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and CBN, as well as all the flavonoids and terpenes with MCT as a carrier oil, to create a very superior, beneficial product.

  • Physician recommended

  • Colorado grown, seed-to-bottle

  • Exclusive formulation

  • Extensive lab testing

  • Third-party testing at an ISO-certified lab for each batch

  • 30 day supply

  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee

*Take caution when using any CBD products as they may fail THC screenings and CBD can metabolize in a way that may show a false positive.



“I have met with Frank, Pat and the Dustoff06 team and their devotion to veterans is clear and their product gets the results we need. I use ZO CBD and have seen an immediate and sustained improvement in my ability to sleep soundly and for an adequate length of time.

I offer my full support to Dustoff06.” 


“I am honored to work alongside other veteran advocates who are engaged in the battle, who are making a difference, and not just watching and wishing for things to get better.”

— Tod Bunting

            Maj Gen (ret)

About Me

Being an experienced combat veteran comes with a unique set of difficulties, sadly all-too-familiar for so many of those who have served their country with honor. Enduring this well-known soldiers’ predicament, I kept wondering how I could help my fellow servicemen. Like most of you, I suffer from insomnia; back, neck, and knee pain; and numerous other “old man issues.” I was having to use alcohol as an aid - to sleep, to dull the pain, and every time I lost another brother. After countless nights of little to no relief, I knew I needed something more. While seeking treatment at a medical office, I ran into an old friend and fellow veteran who is the CEO of a very successful biotech company. He was actually listening to a secretary who was thanking him for the ZOCBD as it had reduced here seizures by 70%! Hearing this I started thinking about so many of us that suffered from anxiety and sleepiness.  "I asked my friend, can we talk?" 


After hearing how much science they incorporate into their product, chain of custody from seed to bottle, sterility in their lab where they fill each bottle and the amount of research  they did on an amazing propriety formulation blended for sleep and anxiety, I was SOLD!


Our Science

After speaking to many physicians and healthcare workers, we fully understand their reluctance to recommend a CBD product they so often get asked about by their patients. With so many different products, strengths, often misleading labels and no provenance, they simply say I don’t know. Well now Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC a division of Enso Discoveries, a respected biotech company well known for high science products has created with the help of many physicians input, ZO CBD.

“CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance that’s used to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike its cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s not psychoactive.”

Veterans that have fallen on hard times can reach out to our Veterans First Initiative Program.  This program was inspired by our servicemen and women who struggle and need someone to help.  Veterans First Initiative’s purpose is to help provide assistance for regenerative medicine treatments and/or purchasing our CBD products. 100% of every penny donated to Veterans First goes directly to a veteran in need.  


Fortunately, we are in a position where my company Dustoff 06, LLC and Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC are able to provide funding for the administration portions of Veterans First Initiative, so every penny that is donated goes to veterans in need and nothing else.  Everyone involved at Veterans First Initiative volunteers their time for those who so valiantly volunteered theirs. 


STOP Suffering in Silence.