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About Me

Being an experienced combat veteran comes with a unique set of difficulties, sadly all-too-familiar for so many of us who have served their country with honor. Enduring this well-known soldiers’ predicament, I kept wondering how I could help my fellow servicemen. Like most of you, I suffer from insomnia; back, neck, and knee pain; and numerous other “old man issues”. I was having to use alcohol as an aid - to sleep, to dull the pain, and every time I lost another brother. After countless nights of little to no relief, I knew I needed something more. While seeking treatment at a medical office, I ran into an old friend and fellow veteran who is the CEO of a very successful biotech company. He was actually listening to a secretary who was thanking him for the ZoCBD. Hearing this I started thinking about so many of us that are suffering in silence.  "I asked my friend, can we talk?" 


After hearing how much science they incorporate into their product, chain of custody from seed to bottle, sterility in their lab where they fill each bottle and the amount of research  they did on an amazing propriety formulation, I was SOLD!


I no longer had to wonder how I could help my brothers in arms.

Dustoff 06 is a veteran-owned company, proud to serve veterans with the highest quality CBD oil and regenerative medicine products. Our CBD oil is  full spectrum (including CBD, CBN, and CBC). The oil is packaged through our sterile bottling process, and has had extensive lab testing, backing the contents of every bottle. Veterans that have fallen on hard times can reach out to our Veterans First Initiative Program that we created to help provide assistance for funding regenerative medicine treatments and/or purchasing our CBD products. Fortunately, we are in a position where my company Dustoff 06, LLC and Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC are able to provide funding for the administration portions of Veterans First Initiative, so every penny that is donated goes to veterans in need and nothing else.  Everyone involved at Veterans First Initiative volunteers their time for those who so valiantly volunteered theirs. 


STOP Suffering in Silence.

Frank’s Military Service

Frank was born and raised in Franklin, Ohio in 1981.  He enlisted into the Army on October 17 of 2001 as a 15U, CH-47 helicopter mechanic.  After enlisting, his first assignment was to Bravo Company, 159th Aviation Regiment at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia in March of 2002.  While with the 159th Aviation Regiment, Frank deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 (OIF1) and Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 (OIF3), flying over 700 combat hours, 500 of which were flown under (Night Vision Goggles) NVG conditions. Upon redeployment from OIF3, then Sergeant Kirby was reassigned to Fort Rucker, Alabama.


Frank was assigned to B Co 1-223 as a Flight Engineer/SI in 2006. In 2007 Staff Sergeant Kirby was selected to instruct the CH-47D Maintenance Test Pilot Course (MPTC). While at the MTPC, Frank instructed over 200 US/International students at the graduate level course from 2007-2010. He also contributed to the development of the CH-47F MTPC and achieved the Super Soldier Award during the 2008 Users Conference. SSG Kirby was then selected to attend Warrant Officer Career School (WOCS) in 2010 and later graduated from flight school at the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence.


In 2012, WO1 Kirby was assigned to Charlie Company, 3-1 Assault Helicopter Battalion at Fort Riley, Kansas.  In addition to his numerous duties as the company property book officer, CW2 Kirby rapidly progressed to Pilot in Command and was also selected to serve as an Air Mission Commander. Frank was then asked to attend the Aviation Safety Officer Course at Fort Rucker, Alabama.  After completing the Aviation Safety Officer Course, Frank was moved to Bravo Company, 3-1 Assault Helicopter battalion as the Company Safety Officer for the deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel (OFS). Upon his return to Fort Riley, now CW2(P) Kirby was selected to become the Battalion Safety Officer.  During the (Aviation Records Management Systems) ARMS inspection Frank rebuilt the Battalion’s Forward Arming and Refuel Point (FARP) training program culminating in the Battalions score of a 92%.  


In 2019, Frank deployed to the (European Command) EUCOM Theatre spending time in both Romania and Turkey in support Operation Atlantic Resolve and Operation Inherent Resolve. As the 3-1 AHB Battalion Safety Officer, his influence reached far beyond his title as the unit entrusted him to design and implement the United States Army’s NATO ISB airfield reconstruction plan in both Latvia and Romania. CW3 Kirby was crucial in developing/funding airfield improvement projects to sustain future operations for the United States Air Force’s C-17 program as well as a wide range of United States Military Helicopters at Mihail Kogalniceanu Airbase, Romania. These projects were planned in conjunction with Romanian, Canadian, and Italian counterparts.


CW3 Kirby’s awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medals, Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medals, 4 Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbons, Combat Action Badge, Senior Aviator Wings, James H. McClellan Aviation Safety Award for 2019, and The Order of Saint Michael.