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Our Science

After speaking to many physicians and healthcare workers, we fully understand their reluctance to recommend a CBD product they so often get asked about by their patients. With so many different products, strengths, often misleading labels and no provenance, they simply say I don’t know. Well now Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC a division of Enso Discoveries, a respected biotech company well known for high science products has created with the help of many physicians input, ZO CBD.



Why is it so important? With so many companies trying to enter the market with CBD from overseas products and celebrity endorsements, you often really have no idea where the CBD and the processing comes from? Also with so many choice of sizes, quantity, hemp seed only, quality and fancy names and no provenance, who can blame you for not recommending a product with confidence?

Our Solution

First let’s start with the Hemp. Our organic Hemp is grown using our own ground water, natural fertilizers and handpicked/ harvested at our family Hemp farm in Colorado. We test everything all the time. From soil prior to planting we test for pesticides and then all the way through the processing of the hemp plant. We have multiple COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) to include one on each bottle that can be read with a simple scan of our barcode.


Proprietary Processing

Once the Hemp is processed into CBD oil using our very proprietary processing methods at a new multimillion dollar high-tech facility, it is moved to our in-house laboratory here at Enso Nutraceuticals, in Manhattan, Kansas. Once in our laboratory we first start by autoclaving all of the bottles and cleaning all droppers to be used. Do we really know where they have been? Secondly, we then fill each bottle in our laboratory, followed by sealing the top. We put each bottle in an additional closed pouch to ensure the utmost sterility of each product sold.

COAs and Sterility

Lastly, we simply could not understand why virtually the same content/product often found in multiple bottles sold by many, is made into so many different products with fancy, often confusing names? As a physician for example, would you call in 5 different bottles of aspirin with different amounts of tablets for the same patient? Of course not. After talking with many physicians we agreed that one strong legal content bottle, with COAs and sterility is all you need. Simply control the dosing with regards to the situation.


Getting Started

If this is your first time taking a plant-based product, welcome!

It is important to understand that plant supplements interact with each individual’s physiology differently, therefore one should expect a trial period to find what dose works best for you. The ECS is the system that Zo works on. The ECS is comprised of receptors, enzymes and molecules like CBD your body makes called endocannabinoids. Depending on how many or few of any of these three components your personal ECS has will determine efficacy.

Be patient, be smart and go slow.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your Doctor before using our products.

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