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Why should I try CBD?

Cannabidiol (known more commonly as CBD) is extracted from the cannabis plant, but unlike marijuana and THC, it does not cause a "high" or altered mental sensation. CBD Derived from hemp, is widely legal in the United States, and is used for pain management and numerous medical conditions. Studies have shown CBD benefits can include diminishing sleep difficulties, helping to reduce seizures, and relieving nausea, anxiety, and inflammation in the body. Some research has even suggested that the advantages of using CBD extend to helping those with PTSD. From anxiety and stress to chronic pain and insomnia, CBD can be essential in lessening the overwhelming discomfort of these conditions and more, along with providing a higher quality of life for its users. The side effects of cannabidiol are often minimal, with the pros greatly outweighing the cons. Some users may experience irritability or fatigue, but CBD and its many uses are constantly being researched and improved to give users the best experience every time. Far safer than opiates, and absolutely non-addictive, cannabidiol can be life changing to those experiencing daily pain and struggling with difficult mental and physical health conditions. Combat Veteran-owned CBD, Dustoff 06 is the perfect company for those looking for experienced, professional assistance, while learning about the right doses for their particular needs. Affordable and reputable, Dustoff 06 sells the highest-quality hemp extract that is perfect for new users and those with concerns about drug testing or who live in states where THC is illegal. Dustoff 06 strives to help as many people as possible by partnering with only quality healthcare professionals and diligently researching ways to consistently improve. After all, it is their highest priority to take care of veterans and assist them with their daily challenges.


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