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Zo CBD is not a trend, it’s a solution!

It seems like every other week someone, somewhere, is urging you to throw money at an exciting new superfood that changes your life, or is hinting that if you just purchase this one incredible gadget, all your dreams will come true! We are not going to do that. Zo CBD has real, life-changing benefits that bring actual, long-term relief. We don’t need to throw around snappy buzzwords to grab your attention, we are just going to tell you the truth through science.

Studies have shown that hemp-derived CBD products can help those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and even PTSD and seizures. Unlike a lot of other CBD companies, Zo CBD’s unique formula also includes CBC and CBN specifically to increase effectiveness in treating these conditions. CBC and CBN are two additional cannabinoids that have demonstrated viability not only as sleep aids but also in decreasing inflammation, improving mood, and aiding in immune system regulation. The Certificate of Analysis for Zo CBD is available to view by scanning the QR code on every label. This allows the consumer to see exactly what goes into each bottle, providing peace of mind that our product is of the utmost quality, and is designed scientifically to bring relief to these all-too-common ailments.

Several of our reviewers mention that, though they were skeptical to begin with, Zo CBD has helped them find so much relief from their chronic pains that they notice a drastic improvement in their quality of sleep as well. A few customers even reported that they found themselves waking up in the same position they were in when they fell asleep – no more discomfort and endless tossing and turning!

Steven from Kansas told us that his wife makes sure he takes it nightly because his sleep improves so much that she gets a much better night’s sleep without having to take any herself.

There are several more testimonials from thoroughly pleased customers on the Dustoff 06 YouTube page, including veterans who have long-struggled to find relief, and primary care doctors who have noticed a remarkable difference in their patients’ qualities of life. How many other CBD companies have products on the market being recommended by medical professionals? We are proud to report that, to our knowledge, we are the only one.

Other CBD companies may come and go with the times like crimped hair and acid-washed jeans, but physician-recommended Zo CBD is a classic that will never fade out of style.


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